10 Questions to Ask While Selecting a Divorce Lawyer

Nobody usually gets married with the intention to end it in divorce, but unforeseen and necessary circumstances make it happen sometimes. If you are planning to go through a legal separation, understand right now that it is not a decision to be made on a whim.

Rushing to hire the first lawyer you get into contact with without prior research into their career background and court history is a mistake in itself. This could directly affect whether you win or lose the case.

A lot of things have to be considered, and hiring a good divorce lawyer is among the most critical decisions you must make. In this article, we will mention the common reasons why it is so crucial to have an experienced lawyer and the questions you can ask during the selection period.

What Will Happen If I Don’t Hire a Lawyer for my Divorce?

If you try to get a divorce without the help of a qualified litigator, you may have to deal with problems that could potentially harm your finances and mental health. You might find yourself stuck in a longer process with no idea how to move forward or return. With a capable legal representative on your side, you could speed up the legal separation process and reach an agreement faster.

A reasonable divorce attorney can also assist in developing and keeping a healthy parent-child relationship. If you opt not to get help from a lawyer, you might end up with custody and parenting arrangements that hurt your relationship with your kids and which could give you less time with them.

Getting a family lawyer can save you money in the long run. A decent attorney can prevent you from making a costly deal about a property, debt, child support, or alimony unsuitable for your financial capabilities. Once the court makes a divorce order, changing it is challenging and sometimes impossible. You will need a lawyer from the start to make sure your best interests are taken care of.

Financial Aspects Included in a Divorce

Annulment involves plenty of aspects that the average person may find difficult to comprehend and work around. It is here where a legal expert’s knowledge is most beneficial and useful for you to perceive the concepts correctly and make sound decisions based on that information. Among the aftermath that follows a judicial separation are:

  • Financial disclosure between spouses so everyone is aware of the monetary situation of each person, which would have an impact on child custody and asset division;
  • Restraining orders so a spouse cannot change beneficiary designations or move assets before or during the divorce;
  • Alimony calculation and discussion of any particular circumstances that would determine the amount to be given to a spouse; 
  • Child support calculation and again discussion of any atypical situation that would affect it; and lastly,
  • Division of properties and other assets, such as real estate, collectibles, venture capital interests, stock option portfolios, goodwill, or other business interests, and the division of retirement benefits.

These matters are covered by a sizable body of law that varies from state to state. You’ll need to choose a lawyer familiar with the latest regulations and cases that apply to your location because these laws are frequently changed or overturned by the legislature and the courts.

Being Selective of Your Lawyer

There are many attorneys in the industry, and plenty of them promote themselves to be “family law” or “divorce” lawyers. Family law is an area of expertise that demands intricate legal concepts that require ample time and experience to understand fully. Even more, subspecialties exist within the field of family law, including those dealing with guardianship, custody, and qualified domestic relations orders (QDROs).

You might feel at ease working with a family law attorney who lacks expertise if your case is relatively straightforward, has few financial complications, and involves no children. However, if your divorce is complex and encompasses significant assets, complicated financial concerns, or an unsettled custody dispute, it is best to hire a family law specialist who has the experience in handling the specific issues in your case.

Here are some concerns you need to address during your preliminary consultation with a family law attorney. These could assist you in deciding if this lawyer is the best fit for your situation.

  • Are divorces your area of expertise, or are they only a component of your practice? How long have you been a family law attorney? How many cases involving family law have you handled? Are you a “certified specialist in family law”?
  • How long does it typically take you to reply to calls? Can I reach you in case of an emergency? What do you deem a crisis to be?
  • Will any other staff members in your office be handling my case? What background do they possess? Can we meet up?
  • What do you think the judge would decide for my case, given what you already know about it?
  • What kind of plan do you have for my situation? How long will it take for my case to be settled?
  • What can you do to assist me in comprehending the tax implications of the choices I will need to make?
  • How will you bill me? What is your pricing per hour? Will you ask for payment for the time I spend interacting with paralegals, secretaries, or other attorneys? If so, how much? What is the upfront retainer for you?
  • What expenses (apart from your own) do you anticipate (such as for private investigators, forensic accountants, doctors, or psychiatrists), and how will you bill me for them?
  • What do you think the overall expenses of this divorce will be? (Don’t be shocked if most divorce lawyers decline to respond to this query; the cost of the divorce is heavily influenced by the extent of dispute in your case.) However, you may judge an attorney by how they respond to this question. An honest lawyer would typically respond that predicting the fees in advance is challenging. An attorney who quotes you a meager sum might just be vying for your money.
  • Would you let me bargain with my spouse face-to-face? How can I minimize the expense of my divorce? Are there any chores I can complete on my own to lower the price you will charge me?

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